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Dear John,

Dr Jim Armstrong prepared a paper for a 1991 symposium entitled
"Australia's Biota and the National Interest - The Role of Biological
in which he summarised average costs of collecting and processing natural
science (ie.
herbaria and museum) specimens in Australia.

In Table 3 he states that:
"The total cost of curating a specimen was determined by adding the average
costs of
collecting ($14.20), identifying ($7.20), databasing ($2.50), and preparing
($15) each
specimen (ie. a total of $38.90 per specimen) and including a 35%
administrative on-cost
(viz. $13.62 per specimen)" to reach a grand total of $52.50 per herbarium

Of all the figures I have seen posted in this thread I suspect that this is
much nearer
the actual per specimen cost in a well-maintained herbarium collection.

This full reference for this paper is:
  James A. Armstrong (1992). The funding base for Australia's biological
  In: Australian Biologist. - Vol. 5, no. 1, p.80-87. ISSN: 10306234
  Publisher: Australian Institute of Biology, Darlinghurst, N.S.W.

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