help needed for SE Asia - E N_American disjunction

liu, zhiwei liu.zhiwei at ENTOM.SLU.SE
Tue Feb 4 13:17:08 CST 1997

Dear all!

I am interested in the Southeast Asia - Eastern North American disjunction
of various groups of organisms (at all hiearchical levels, species, geneus,
family ...) . We have been working on the historical biogeography of
Ibaliidae, an old family of Cynipoidea, Hymenoptera, Insecta (Nordlander,
Liu & Ronquist 1996, Syst. Ent. (21):151-166). The distribution of this
small family has a disjunct distribution very similar to that of the
Caddisfly genus Wormaldia as documented in Ross's well known study (Ross
1974). The phenomenon of SE Asia - E N_American disjunction has long been
noticed, e.g. the distribution of the tuliptree genus Liriodendron. And a
forthcoming study of mine will also reveal a similar pattern. I feel
confident that some of you have more examples of this particular pattern. I
shall very much appreciate relevant information on this topic. Messages
could be delivered to my E-mail address directly or to the list, depending
on the senders' preference. I will come up later with a brief statistic
report if I receive a significant number of examples.

Thank you all in advance.

Yours sincerely
Zhiwei Liu

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