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>Date:    Mon, 17 Feb 1997 00:02:16 -0500
>From:    James Cokendolpher <JCCOKE at AOL.COM>
>Subject: Slavic font for Macintosh
>I am preparing a bibliography that will be laser-printed and distributed to a
>few researchers.  Not enough copies will be needed to justify a real
>publication.  Even so, I would like it to look good.  Most of the text will
>be in Times font, but that font is missing all the accents and other letters
>from eastern European languages (especially Polish and Czech).  Is anyone
>aware of a Slavic font built on the Times font style for Macintosh?
>James Cokendolpher
>jccoke at


I get around Slavic and similar characters by using the overprint (formula
setting) in MS Word. The Mac has all the diacritical marks, but only some
letters have the easy two-key-stroke shortcut for producing them. To get a
little v-mark over a c, for example, there is a code for overprint (it is
invisible, but looks like .\), which is then followed by the the two
characters separated by a comma and in parentheses; e.g. (v,c). If the font
you are using does not have the diacritical mark, look for it in another
font; so, for example, you can use a Times v-mark overprinted onto a Geneva

Hope this helps


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