R. Soreng soreng at EROLS.COM
Sun Feb 23 12:22:06 CST 1997

Lectotypifications are entered into TROPICOS for Poaceae when we find=20
them.  The point is not that lectotypifications are routinely entered=20
(which they may or may not be depending on the interest of=20
individuals in developing the data on any particular group), but that=20
there is a vehicle available for doing this.  As I pointed out,=20
W3TROPICOS currently does not display the fields in which=20
lectotypification data are recorded.  (This could be changed.)  So=20
unless you have access to edit the database you cannot see those fields.=20
 For example there was Lectotype information for Chrysodendron=20
tinctorum.  The input of this kind of data needs improvement in TROPICOS=20
so that the publication and author citations are standardized as they=20
are for names of taxa.=20


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