Cotton and relatives

Anurag Agrawal aaagrawal at UCDAVIS.EDU
Mon Feb 24 14:51:09 CST 1997

>I am starting a project on cotton and related plants that I thought I might
>mention and ask for any thoughts people could offer.  The project involves
>leaf "domatia" or little houses that predatory insects and mites often
>inhabit(and maybe help protect plants).  I have found that when we add
>cotton fibers to cotton leaves, predatory insects lay eggs in and hide under
>them.  Interestingly, many species, including some in the Gossipium tribe
>have naturally produced domatia.
>I am mainly interested in obtaining seeds of any of the following plants:
>Thespesia cubensis, T. acutiloba, T. grandiflora, T. populneoides, and T.
>populnea all which have leaf domatia.
>Hampea tomentosa, H. latifolia, and H. longipes, and H. tomentosa also have
>well developed domatia.
>Does anybody have any suggestions for trying to locate some seeds of these
>species? I have had a terrible time with the USDA cotton germplasms,
>botanical gardens etc.
>Anurag Agrawal

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