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Liz Day lday at IQUEST.NET
Wed Feb 26 18:48:07 CST 1997

Help please.... I'm working on a small book on bees, and I need a
word to describe the several species that might or might not exist
in the geographical area I'm talking about.

I was calling them "accidentals", but this word sounds stupid.  Birds
are accidental because individuals fly long distances and get lost, but
that isn't what I mean.  I mean, "Species that used to be found in this
area, and conceivably might still be here, but probably aren't"  and
"species that there are recent records of from very nearby, but none
from here, as far as we know".

Can anyone suggest a name for this category?  I have to call it something.
The book is for laypeople, so the phrase doesn't have to be perfect,
as long as it makes sense and isn't wrong.  Maybe "possibly-found species" ?

Help.... (semantic vacuum here...)

Thank you.

Liz Day
Indianapolis, Indiana, central USA, 40 N latitude. - NOW WITH PICTURES!!
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