need word help

A. Contreras-Ramos atilano at IBIOLOGIA.UNAM.MX
Wed Feb 26 18:30:00 CST 1997

>Help please.... I need a word to describe the several species [bees]
>that might or might not exist
>in the geographical area I'm talking about.
>I was calling them "accidentals", but this word sounds stupid.  Birds
>are accidental because individuals fly long distances and get lost, but
>that isn't what I mean.  I mean,

>"Species that used to be found in this
>area, and conceivably might still be here, but probably aren't"
How about "formerly-recorded species" [and then a definition] or
"not-recently recorded [collected, seen] species"?  Or "potentials" type

>and "species that there are recent records of from very nearby, but none
>from here, as far as we know".
How about species of potential occurrence [potentially-occurring species]
or simply "potentials" [definition following]?  Or "potentials" type 3?
Type 1 would be species thought to currently occur in the area under
study, type 4 could be the true "accidentals" (brought by a hurricane and
so on).

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