Tom DiBenedetto tdib at UMICH.EDU
Fri Feb 28 13:47:30 CST 1997

 James Francis Lyons-Weiler wrote:

>       My point is that equal weighting presumes equal probabilities and information
>       content.

James,,,I disagree.....but I dont think that this list is the place
to get into the reasons on the level it would be necessary to if are
to avoid the usual back and forth that ensues....
,,I'll try to address some of your points at another level,,maybe we
can at least agree on where we disagree,,,.but I'll send it to you
personally and to the list of ccs that youve added. Anyone on the
taxacom who is interested, just email me and youll get in the loop.
(yeah I can hear the snickers from here!)

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