Macs or PCs?

John Trueman trueman at RSBS-CENTRAL.ANU.EDU.AU
Fri Feb 21 11:53:14 CST 1997

Finn N. Rasmussen mentioned that the mac phylogenetics software PAUP
(3.1.1?) and MacClade will run nicely under a Mac emulator on PC.  It might
be worth adding that all the usual PC phylogenetics software, including
Hennig86 and its add-ons and shells (eg, Random Cladistics), also Nona and
PeeWee  run well under the PC emulator SoftWindows on a Mac.  At least,
I've never had any incompatibility problems with them.  Has anyone?  It may
be that Hennig86 searches are a little slower in emulation than in the real
thing, but the program remains usefully fast.  I guess the same would apply
to PAUP 3 searches under the Mac-emulator?

Seems to me phylogenetic analysis has become machine-independent.


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