Botanical Code of Nomenclature

Mary Barkworth stipoid at CC.USU.EDU
Sat Jan 4 12:42:36 CST 1997

If this has been asked before, I apologize.  Is there any reason that the
International Botanical Code of Nomenclature could not be made available on
the web?  I find myself wishing that I could link to it - perhaps the
articles could be established as bookmarks in some consistent manner, eg.
art13_1e would put one at Article 13.1 (Valid Publication starting points)
for fungi.

The question arises from part of a proposal in which we are proposing that
explanations for finding different scientific names in use might be part of
a Virtual Herbarium.  I can cite the code when appropriate, but it would be
far better if one could link to it.  Is there a copyright issue or just a
time issue?

Mary Barkworth
Intermountain Herbarium
Utah State University
Logan, Utah 84322-5305

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