Desperately seeking Lagopus samples

Karen Holder holderk at BIOLOGY.QUEENSU.CA
Wed Jan 8 15:09:19 CST 1997

Dear TAXACOM subscribers,

I am seeking tissue samples from several subspecies of rock ptarmigan
(Lagopus mutus) for my doctoral study of intraspecific genetic variation
(mtDNA) and taxonomy of this beast. Of immediate interest are samples from
L.m. japponicus (Japan) and L.m. kurilensis (Kurile Islands, Russia), but
please let me know of any/all others that you might have. I am willing to
negotiate an exchange (if desired).

Thank you for your help.

Karen Holder

Department of Biology
Queen's University
Kingston, ON
Canada K7L 3N6

Tel. (613) 545-6769
FAX  (613) 545-6617

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