wislizen(i)us revisted

Barbara Ertter ertter at UCJEPS.HERB.BERKELEY.EDU
Thu Jan 9 15:16:23 CST 1997

Okay, taxacomers, I'm satisfied that the proper form for a species epithet
named after Friedrich (aka Frederick) Adolph Wislizenus is "wislizeni",
with a single terminal "i".  But does anybody have ready access to when and
how it was determined that this is how his name is correctly spelled?  In
at least some earlier references (e.g., Jepson's Silva of California,
1910), he's referred to as Dr. F. A. Wislizenius [note the "i" between the
-zen- and -us, evoking some profound philosophical insight], "a botanist of
German birth who traveled extensively in the Southwest", and whose
specimens were subsequently sent to A. DeCandolle.  I would guess that this
is where the double "ii" came in, not from misreading the Code.
Barbara Ertter
ertter at ucjeps.herb.berkeley.edu
University of California, Berkeley

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