Smyrnium rotundifolium

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Dear Taxacomers:

If any of you can assist with answers to the questions below, it would be
most appreciated.  It was sent to the AABGA list serve and I think it may be
answered more readily by taxacom folks.

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Date: 15 Jan 97 14:49:05 EST
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>Subject: Smyrnium rotundifolium
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>        Early 1994 I was surprised by the sudden appearance of a fast growing
>spectacular new plant in my garden located in urban Geneva, Switzerland. It
>could be determined as the Smyrnium Rotundifolium. The plant occurs not at all
>in Switzerland. After flowering in June I gave seeds to the Geneva Botanical
>Garden. Sowing was made in three locations, i.e. in my Geneva garden, in the
>Botanical Garden and at my farm in the Provence (France). At all three places,
>seeds germinated after 4 months in October, remained in cotelydon stage till
>February, then developed small foliage (looking like parsley) and finally
>totally disappeared (faded) in May 1995.
>        Comeback in October/November 1995. Parsley-like foliage all winter, new
>sudden disappearance in May 1996. New appearance in October/November 1996 with
>at this moment, in full winter, continuous development of dozens and dozens of
>sprouts with parsley-like foliage.
>        As I wonder what is going to happen next, I tried in vain to get
>explanations from botanical experts and from literature. I would like to get
>answers to  several questions, such as:
>        - what determines the timing of flowering?
>        - is the parsley-leaf stage normal and why is it nowhere mentioned in
>botanical encyclopedias?
>        - why does this Mediterranean plant grow so well in winter and
fades and
>totally disappears in                      summer?
>        - last but not least: how did the Smyrnium Rotundifolium get to Geneva?
>        I would be most grateful to receive comments and eventual suggestions
>                With best regards
>                                        Michael Teekens
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