> X-files biology (Taxonomy in the public eye)

Steve Halford halford at SFU.CA
Sat Jan 18 20:48:44 CST 1997

Since nobody has yet been flamed for wasting bandwidth on this subject...

> >I particularly like the taxonomic references in the X-file mentioned
> >in the original email on this thread because they used the term "mycolo-
> >gist" without explanation...

...Perhaps someone on the
> production staff has been in one of our botany classes?

Their production staff certainly make use of SFU for *stage* properties (I
got to provide the stage dressing for "Bambi Berenbaum's" entomology lab
in the classic "cockroach" episode, the cockroaches came from our
insectary) -- perhaps they're tapping into our *intellectual* properties

Steve (halford at sfu.ca)
Museum Technician
Simon Fraser University
Burnaby, B.C., Canada

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