Address Request

Martin Cavalluzzi martin at VIMS.EDU
Thu Jan 30 15:19:40 CST 1997

Dear Taxacomers,

My attempts to locate the address for the Istituto di Zoologia Dell
'Universita di Palermo have been unsuccessful.  In particular, I would
like to contact one or more of the authors of the following paper:  De
Leo, G., E. Catalano, and N. Parrinello. 1976. Contributo alla Conoscenza
del Blennius cristatus L. 1758 (Perciformes Blenniidae). Mem. Biol. Mar.
Ocean., VI, fasc. VI, 209-228.

Any information on the address of the Istituto di Zoologia or of one of
the authors would be greatly appreciated.

Please respond to my address and not Taxacom.

Thank you for your time,

Marty Cavalluzzi

martin at

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