PhD work with Plantago

Detlev Metzing dmetzing at ZFN.UNI-BREMEN.DE
Fri Jan 31 11:49:28 CST 1997

>I was contacted by a student from Korea seeking a PhD program in the
>U.S.  His work has been with DNA in the genus Plantago.  Can any one
>tell me if there is someone doing similar work and where he might
>contact them?

For my PhD I am working about the infraspecific taxonomy of Plantago major.
I would like to do molecular studies, too. But for the moment I have no
possibilities to do this at our institute and I am looking for
collaboration. I would be very interested to contact the student from Korea!
Detlev Metzing
IfOE, Abt. Geobotanik & Naturschutz
Fachbereich Biologie
Universitaet Bremen
D-28344 Bremen

email: dmetzing at

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