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James L. Reveal (MARY) wrote:=20
>Selection of a type: If one is confident that the two names represent the=
>element, one option is to designate the holotype of the Author 2 name as=
>neotype of the Author 1 name. By typification, the Author 2 name becomes
>superfluous, and the Author 1 name is the correct name. This is actually=
>cleanest way to do this as it leaves unambiguous that the two names are
>synonymous. The Author 1 name would then be the correct name.

Is it really allowed under the current code, to make a name superfluous or
illegitimate by a subsequent designation of a type, which is already the
type of another name???
This would allow, to make many  names in current use superfluous by
typification of older, till now untypified names. This can=B4t be senseful!

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