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>Subject: Australian Museum Associate Director vacancy
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>>Subject: Australian Museum Associate Director vacancy
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>>Dear Ed,
>>I forgot to add this to the last message.
>>Approval for this position and the wording of the ad, has been
>>received. Please "circulate widely" (pin on the bulletin board).
>>Seriously, if you know of appropriate candidates, have them get in
>>touch. There is a reasonable closing date, around 21 March, so the
>>idea of working south of the equator may have time to germinate.
>>The Australian Museum in Sydney is filling the vacant position of
>>Associate Director; advertisements will be published in Nature, New
>>Scientist, and Science early in January, 1997.  The new Associate
>>Director is a replacement of the previous Deputy Director position,
>>that became vacant with the retirement of the distinguished
>>herpetologist Harold Cogger.
>>The Associate Director manages the overall functions of the
>>scientific divisions, including Information Science and Material
>>Conservation.  A specific new component of the position is to
>>provide leadership in the further integration of scientific research
>>and collection programs with the public programs of the Australian
>>Museum.  The Associate Director is the 2IC of the Museum, acting on
>>behalf of the Director in his absence.  An Assistant Director
>>Corporate Services, as well as the Heads of the Divisions of
>>Education, Exhibitions, and Community Relations, also report to the
>>Achievement in scientific research of a high standard and
>>demonstrated capability in leadership, management, interpersonal
>>skills, conflict resolution and communication are some of the
>>qualifications to fill the position of Associate Director.
>>The Australian Museum has a total staff, both temporary and
>>permanent, of some 275, of which 37% are in the scientific
>>divisions.  The total annual budget is about $A20 million.
>>A Search Committee has been formed that includes Winston Ponder
>>(Malacology), Robin Torrence (Anthropology),  John Paxton
>>(Ichthyology), and others.  Our role is to circulate widely the
>>advertisement and to seek out distinguished persons who ought to be
>>encouraged to apply for the position.   Anyone interested is
>>encouraged to contact one of us for further information, or look for
>>the adverts, or the web site
>>John Paxton
>>Fish Section, Australian Museum
>>6 College St., Sydney, N.S.W. 2000
>>tel. 61 (2) 9320-6139, fax  61 (2) 9320-6059 email
>>johnp at


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