superfluous names

Sat Jan 4 06:04:44 CST 1997

To answer Dr. Metzing's question as to whether the current
ICBN allows names to be rendered superfluous by typification
of older names, the answer technically is no. The ICBN defines
the term "Superfluous" as referring only to names which were
illegitimate at the time they were published because they were
recognized by the author as synonymous with an older name.
Thus if I were to coin the name "Zea triploperennis" and
state in my description that this is the same species as
Zea mays, my new name is superfluous.
   However, a name may be rendered a junior synonym by the
method suggested by Dr. Reveal. He was using a more informal
definition of the word "superfluous." It is fortunate that
there is a limited number of such untypified older names with
which to cause such havoc, but it is indeed permitted.

Joseph E. Laferriere
Tucson, Arizona, USA
JosephL at

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