herbarium cabinets

David Bridge david at SIMSC.SI.EDU
Tue Jan 7 14:59:54 CST 1997

On Tue, 7 Jan 1997 13:42:40 CST  Anita Cholewa wrote:
>Does anyone have a current phone number for the
>Interior Steel company (source for herbarium cabinets)?
>The 881-0100 number has been disconnected and I could

Dear Anita:

It is my understanding that Interior Steel has been purchased by:

Viking Metal Cabinet Co. Inc.
5321 West 65th Street
Chicago, IL  60638
phone:  708-594-1111

That is the good news; I would not assume that Viking will make the same
complete line of cabinets that Interior Steel has made in the past.

yours, David Bridge
David at simsc.si.edu

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