wislizen(i)us revisted

Fri Jan 10 00:49:34 CST 1997

As to spelling of the name Wislizenus:

G.A. Pritzel in his "Thesaurus Literaturae Botanicae" (Lipsiae 1872)
spells the name as above. He cites on p. 350 a paper by A.
Wislizenus, "Memoir of a tour to Northern Mexico ..... 1846 and
1847"; Washington, Tippin and Streeper 1848. 8. 141 p., 3 tab. -
Senate Misc. Papers , 30th Congress, 1st Section, Nr. 26.
By the way, I have the feeling that the name may be of Baltic origin,
and possibly not German.
I hope he spelled his name consistently.

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