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>I particularly like the taxonomic references in the X-file mentioned
>in the original email on this thread because they used the term "mycolo-
>gist" without explanation...i.e., naturally in conversation; and, while,
>it sometimes appeared that the accelerated growth fungi were green (see
>first body bag opening scene), pathology was reasonable and real generic
>names (in one case, I think, a binomial) were given.

In an episode earlier this year, seed of Adenia volkensii (Passifloraceae),
an eastern African species containing cyanogenic glycosides, was involved
somehow. Conveyed mental powers or some such (I'm not a big fan; I was just
asked if it was a "real" plant).  Again, the binomial was indicated, as well
as the fact it was an African passion-flower.  Perhaps someone on the
production staff has been in one of our botany classes?

BTW, if you'd like to see more good science in popular media and have a
great idea for a story involving systematics, Douglas Preston, one author of
"Relic", is looking for ideas.  His e-mail address, from the Relic webpage,
is 102117.106 at  Here's your chance.

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