Popular Sister Bashing and Taxonomy

Jacques Rifkind Muisca at AOL.COM
Thu Jan 23 02:15:01 CST 1997

Joe Laferriere writes:

<<Dear Gena,
   I meant "appallingly uneducated" rather than "appalling and
uneducated." And my sister (the closest friend I have) agrees
with me about her lack of education.
   In the future, I shall thank you to keep comments like
this off Taxacom. If you want to say something like this to
me personally, fine. But don't send it to 1100 people worldwide.


Dear Joe,

You got it! I'll keep my comments private if you don't share any more of your
little family secrets.


Bertha Copulatrix (close personal friend of Gena Gulamentum and author of the
forthcoming book: "Female Sexual Selection in Artificial Environments:
Seduction, Leks and Sperm Storage in the Biodome"--this Spring from W. W.

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