Compactors and research quality microscopes

Stuart G. Poss sgposs at WHALE.ST.USM.EDU
Fri Jan 31 09:35:33 CST 1997

Jorge, et al.

With regard to compactors you might try contacting Spacesaver
Corporation at 1450 Janesville Avenue, Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin
53538-2798; (414) 563-6362; (800)492-3434; FAX (414)563-2702
They will likely have a local representative in your area.

When making a similar comparison of I have found Olympus ZSH series
dissection miscropes to be of excellent quality for the price compared
to other American, German, and Japanese models I looked at.  There
are, of course, a wide variety of models and because purposes and
needs may differ there are no generalities I could discern across all
makes and models.

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