e-mail problem

Vratislav Richard Bejsak 76711.1261 at COMPUSERVE.COM
Fri Jan 3 11:05:08 CST 1997

Dear colleagues ,

I have send e-mail to  <NHC-SLA at CAS.calacademy.org>, but the message
bounced back like:
>>>--------Message not delivered to the following:
        enagorsk    No matches to nameserver query
 --------Error Detail (phquery V4.4a):
 The message, "No matches to nameserver query," is generated whenever
 the ph nameserver fails to locate either a ph alias or name field that
 matches the supplied name.  The usual causes are typographical errors or
 the use of nicknames.  Recommended action is to use the ph program to
 determine the correct ph alias for the individuals addressed.  If ph is
 not available, try sending to the most explicit form of the name, e.g.,
 if mike-fox fails, try michael-fox or michael-j-fox. <<<<<

This has to be reference library, anyone knows proper address?


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