Tue Jan 7 10:30:29 CST 1997

I am interested in starting a newsletter dedicated
to the following families:

Campanulaceae, Lobeliaceae, Cyphiaceae,
Cyphocarpaceae, Nemacladaceae, Sphenocleaceae,
Pentaphragmataceae, Goodeniaceae, Brunoniaceae,

These families comprise the Campanulales in its
most commonly accepted sense. Over the past two
decades I have been working on the Campanulaceae
and have found that there are a core of between
10-20 researchers worldwide also working on this
family or on the Lobeliaceae. However it is often
difficult to coordinate research or to find out
just who is doing what. This is particularly so
for countries of the former Soviet Union.

A newsletter which is updated twice yearly and
available on the Web should improve the situation,
especially since the results of molecular analyses
are now coming onstream and there is an even
greater need for international cooperation.

I would also like to see the eventual establishment
of a database which would provide basic information
on nomenclature, taxonomic characters, horticultural
value, images, etc. I have already made some progress
towards this aim and I know that other workers are
involved in similar projects.

If you are interested in this idea please contact me
at my email address:

           weddie at

Bill Eddie
Institute of Cell and Molecular Biology
Daniel Rutherford Building
University of Edinburgh
Mayfield Road
Edinburgh EH9 3JH
Scotland, UK
Tel.0131 650 5327
Fax.0131 650 5392

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