RE; Taxonomy in the public eye

Rodham E. Tulloss ret at PLUTO.NJCC.COM
Tue Jan 14 06:58:40 CST 1997

I particularly like the taxonomic references in the X-file mentioned
in the original email on this thread because they used the term "mycolo-
gist" without explanation...i.e., naturally in conversation; and, while,
it sometimes appeared that the accelerated growth fungi were green (see
first body bag opening scene), pathology was reasonable and real generic
names (in one case, I think, a binomial) were given.  The explanations
were in the context of pathologist or taxonomist speaking with a medical
doctor and, hence, it was also realistic that the point at which an explana-
tion was offered in greatest detail was that at which the doctor was shown
the effect of the extraterrestrial enzyme on a plant pathogen (i.e., outside
the doctor's expertise).


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