Taxonomy in the popular media

Tue Jan 14 08:32:54 CST 1997

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   1. There was this movie back in the 70's called "A New Leaf" in
which Walter Matthau was trying to bump off his wife, who was
a paleobotanist, for goodness sake. In one scene of the movie
she actually discovered a new fossil plant.

    2. In Woody Allen's "Midsummer Night's Sex Comedy", Jose Ferrar
is arguing with his rival (Woody Allen's doctor buddy, can't
remember his name) about the identity of certain local basidiocarps
in the woods. Although he doesn't offer a binomial, he refers to them
this way:

    "Those, sir, are poisonous fungi [pronounced "fun-guy"] and I
    dare you to eat them."

    Of course, they were eaten. But they weren't poisonous.

    John Nelson

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