e-mail address?

Rikard Osmundsen rikard at NVG.NTNU.NO
Fri Jan 17 10:43:44 CST 1997


My name is Rikard Osmundsen and I'm a MS-student at the Norwegian
University of Science and Technology, in Trondheim. I'm working on
Norwegian Actiniaria (revision, inventory list) and need to come in contact
with people who know this group.
I've been trying to find the e-mail address for Karin Riemann-Zuerneck. I
think she is working at the Alfred Wegener Inst. in Bremen. Can anyone help
me get in contact with her, please??

Have a nice day!


Rikard Osmundsen, Museum of Natural History and Archeology, Institut of
Natural History, 7004 TRONDHEIM, NORWAY Tel:+47 73596652,
rikard at nvg.ntnu.no or rikardo at james.stud.ntnu.no

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