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"Opportunities for Community"
30 July - 2 August 1997
University of Wisconsin
Memorial Union
Madison, Wisconsin

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Abstract Submission Information - Deadline 15 March 1997

     We welcome submission of abstracts for presentations in both oral and
     poster format. Abstracts should be submitted for consideration no later
     than 15 March 1997. Presenters will be notified of acceptance by 15
     April 1997. Abstract submission should follow the guidelines listed
     below and abstracts not in this format will be returned. Special
     consideration will be give to papers relevant to the "Suggested
     Presentation Topics" listed below.

                          Suggested Presentation Topics

             + Savanna/woodlands as important wildlife habitat
             + Ecology and management of rare or exotic savanna/woodland
             + Wildlife impacts on savanna woodlands
             + Comparisons of ecological functioning among savanna or
                woodland types
             + Opportunities and incentives for management of
                savanna/woodlands on private lands
             + Interpretive and educational values of savannas and woodlands
             + Restoration approaches for savanna/woodlands: Pros and Cons
             + Oak savanna/woodland management from a landscape perspective

                        Guidelines For Abstract Submission

   * Type of presentation: Indicate type of presentation submission - poster
     or oral presentation
   * Subject area: Indicate presentation category as natural history &
     interpretation, cultural history, science or research, or management
     (select one only).
   * Title: centered with one blank line after title, capitalize first letter
     of each word, put in bold, and no more than 10 words.
   * Authors' names: list each author, center names on page, and underline
     presenter's name.
   * Affiliations, addresses, email: associated with each author.
   * Abstract: No more than 300 words, no indentation of abstract. Use 12
     point, times new roman for all fonts.
   * Bibliographic sketch of presenter: 1 page or less sketch of education,
     work experience, professional background, and expertise.
   * Submission: To submit an abstract, provide the information listed below
     in the exact format requested and send the information on a 3.5" floppy
     disk in IBM compatible MS Word or Wordperfect format version < 6.0 or
     attached as an email by 15 March 1997 to:

                         Nancy Braker
                         Director of Science & Stewardship
                         The Nature Conservancy
                         633 West Main St.
                         Madison, WI 53703
                         Email: nbraker at
                         Phone: 608/251-8140


                              Abstract Examples


Type of presentation: Poster

Subject area: Management

                   An Interagency Fire Monitoring Database

                               George Hartman
                     Missouri Department Of Conservation
                                P.O. Box 180
                       Jefferson City, MO. 65102-0180
                           (314) 751-4115 Ext. 624
                              ghartm at

     The effects of using prescribed fire in wooded systems such as oak
     savannas and woodlands, through historic disturbance, has not been


Type of presentation: Oral presentation

Subject area: Science or research

                        Savanna Blazing Star Growth

                                Timothy Bell
                          Chicago State University
                        Chicago, Illinois 60628-1598
                               (312) 995-2183
                        tbell at

                      Marlin Bowles and Jenny McBride
                 The Morton Arboretum Lisle Illinois 60532
                               (708) 719-2422
                          mbowles at
                         jmcbridet at

The threatened savanna blazing star (Liatris scariosa var. nieuwlandii)
grows either in partial shade of undisturbed savanna remnants.....


Type of presentation: Oral presentation

Subject area: Science or research

        "Fire Dependent" Plants In A Closed Canopy Oak-Hickory Forest

                              Jennifer Grabner
                     Missouri Department of Conservation
                              Route 2, Box 198
                             Ellington, MO 63638
                               (314) 663-7130
                              jgraber at

                               Gwenlyn Waller
                     Missouri Department of Conservation
                        George O. White State Nursery
                              14027 Shafer Rd.
                               (314) 674-3229

                              Brian Brookshire
                     Missouri Department of Conservation
                                P.O. Box 180
                          Jefferson City, MO 65102
                               (314) 751-4115
                             bbrooksh at

Herbaceous plant communities are an indicator of the quality of an oak
savanna. Moreover, herbaceous plant communities could be used as an
indicator for considering ....

Note: information on the above professionals serve as examples and may not
be entirely correct.

       Please direct further questions about abstract submissions to Nancy

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