Fee for External Users of the Herbarium

Linda Rader lrader at UNLINFO.UNL.EDU
Mon Jan 27 11:22:48 CST 1997

To build on Curtis Clark's comment:

>A lot of things about universities are reciprocal, and it's difinitely a
win-win >situation for everyone, because a university always supplies things
it has in >abundance (thus low in cost) and gets things it has little or
none of (thus high in >cost).

You might add that for the rather small price of packing and postage, you
(the university) receives the sizeable benefit of having a portion of the
collection studied and annotated by a specialist in the group.  When the
specialist publishes the results of the study, there will be a mention of
your collection in the acknowledgements, as well as the possible citation of
particularly notable specimens. All this increases value and visability of
the collection, department, university, etc.  Although this kind of value
won't bring in money over the short term (the $10 + postage), it certainly
will add punch to the 'justification'/'usage' section of annual reports,
grant proposals, etc.

Throw in that magic word 'overhead' somewhere.  Works every time.

--Linda Rader

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