Online glossaries of taxonomic jargon

Geoff Read at NIWA.CRI.NZ
Tue Jan 28 14:52:24 CST 1997


I am looking for any taxonomy-related glossaries/dictionaries/thesauri
accessible via web, more especially for anything covering the shorthand
jargon of latin origin used in descriptions (e.g., of shapes, textures,
and the like), and not so much very taxa-specific glossaries, nor
glossaries of terms used in the  nomenclatural codes (BIOSIS has a
good one of those at

Any candidates?  (I can't find much in zoology and am not at all
familiar with  botanical www resources)

I am aware of good general dictionaries online such as Webster's:

It will probably be best to e-mail me rather than the list. I will
condense to a summary if necessary.


  Geoff Read < at>

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