paper for permanent labels

Robert Wernerehl rwernere at MIDPLAINS.NET
Wed Jan 29 18:18:12 CST 1997

The curator at the UW-Madison herbarium told me to use an all cotton paper
for herbarium labels, because it was non-acid was would last forever. I
asked about that at a print shop, and the printer told me that her paper
supplier told her all office copier/printer paper was non-acid these days.
They had changed the process a few years back, so that it doesn't have any
acid in it, and should therefore last as long as all cotton paper. What do
you folks know about this? Is it true? Should all cotton paper be used
anyway for other reasons? Thanks in advance for your response. Unless this
is a recent topic, respond to the list so others can share in your advice.

Bob Wernerehl, B.S. Botany, Barneveld, Wisconsin.

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