Announcing Latinitas 1.5 for Mac

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An improved version of Latinitas, the Latin grammar quiz for the Macintosh
operating system, is now available.  Version 1.5 provides error tracking,
which reports to the student which words and  concepts he or she needs to
work on. This version also lets the student choose if Latinitas will draw
quiz words from previous mistakes and how freqently it does so.  Latinitas
still supports the Wheelock, Oxford, Cambridge and Ecce Romani textbook

Those who bought previous versions of Latinitas within the last year have
been shipped a free copy of version 1.5.

A fully functional demo, plus additional information are available at the
Latinitas web site:


Or for additional information write the author at:

brucerob at

Bruce G. Robertson  Dept. of Classics, U. of T.
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