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Susan Farmer sfarmer at SABRE.GOLDSWORD.COM
Fri Jan 31 12:40:10 CST 1997

I'm looking for a (unfortunately) very vague reference.  I hope someone
can help me.

I recieved an article from InterLibrary Loan (Paris by R.J.Mitchell
Plantsman 9:81-89 1987).  This article has no bibliography, so I don't
know if the page range for the original citation was correct or not.
Anyway, Mitchell references a paper by Fukuda and Takamatsu (1969)
on _Paris japonica_ in which they consider that it may be an intergeneric
hybrid between _Paris verticillata_ and _Trillium tschonoskii_.  Can
anyone give me the correct citation for the Fukuda and Takamatsu
paper?  I did not find it in Biological Abstracts.

Susan Farmer, grad student -- phylogeny of Trilliaceae
sfarmer at

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