Pteridophyte (Isoetes) query

Karen Wilson Karen_Wilson at RBGSYD.GOV.AU
Thu Jul 3 18:35:36 CDT 1997

     According to the thesis list in the Australian Systematic Botany
     Society Newsletter 26 (March 1981), the one you want is:
     Craig Marsden (1979) - Morphology and taxonomy of Isoetes. Ph.D.
     thesis, University of Adelaide.
     (And, no, sorrey, I don't have a copy of the thesis.)
     Karen Wilson

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Subject: Pteridophyte (Isoetes) query
Author:  Murray Dawson <DawsonM at LANDCARE.CRI.NZ> at mailgate
Date:    03/7/1997 8:07 AM

Dear Taxacom'ers,

              - Particularly those from Australia!

I have a very incomplete reference to an unpublished thesis prepared in
an Australian University.  Unfortunately, I cannot trace the date or
location through the library system here in New Zealand.

The partial reference is as follows-

"Marsden, Craig R. 19??: Isoetes... Thesis, University of ??, Australia."

Please can anyone help?  Thanks,

Murray Dawson

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