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At 07:52 AM 07-08-97 -0700, Joseph E. Laferriere wrote:
>The discussion on autonymy hierarchy raises a related albeit slightly
>different point. My question is that if the publication of an infraspecific
>name automatically causes the creation of an autonym of the same rank and
>priority, which one has priority? For example, suppose I publish the name
>Planta hypothetica var. alba in 1997. This automatically causes the
>creation of the variety Planta hypothetica var. hypothetica. Suppose in
>1998 someone desides that the entire species should be considered a
>variety of Planta rubra. Does this become Planta rubra var. hypothetica
>or Planta rubra var. alba?

Art. 11.6:  "An autonym is treated as having priority over the name or names
of the same date and rank that established it."

It is Planta rubra var. hypothetica.

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