autonymic heirarchy

Susan Farmer sfarmer at SABRE.GOLDSWORD.COM
Tue Jul 8 11:53:00 CDT 1997

>>priority, which one has priority? For example, suppose I publish the name
>>Planta hypothetica var. alba in 1997. This automatically causes the
>>creation of the variety Planta hypothetica var. hypothetica. Suppose in
>>1998 someone desides that the entire species should be considered a
>>variety of Planta rubra. Does this become Planta rubra var. hypothetica
>>or Planta rubra var. alba?
>My understanding is that it becomes Planta rubra var. hypothetica because it
>was explicitly named.  var. alba came into being "autonymically."  My
>understnading that when an autonym is created in this fashion, that
>autonymic names of all intermediate ranks are also created.

*sigh*  Shows what I get for trying to thing "early" in the morning --
and without my copy of the code handy.  Correct andwer -- wrong reason.


Maybe after my eyes uncross from verifying all the data for the Thesis ...


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