Hawaii Biological Survey: Endangered Species Web Site

Scott Miller scottm at HAWAII.EDU
Thu Jul 10 08:16:19 CDT 1997

Bishop Museum's Hawaii Biological Survey (HBS) is pleased to announce
"Hawaii's Endangered and Threatened Species" web site at:


With hundreds of federally listed species (i.e., more endangered and
threatened species per square kilometer or mile than anywhere else on
earth), Hawaii is well-known as the "Endangered Species Capital of the
World". As part of its mission, HBS gathers and disseminates information
on its fauna and flora to the public. This web site was created to help
fulfill that mission.

The Hawaii Biological Survey, in cooperation with other individuals and
institutions has created this web site, which features continually updated
lists of all endangered, threatened, and extinct species in Hawaii; as
well as current lists of candidate species and species formerly listed as
"C2" or "Species of Concern" that are found in these islands. In addition
to the species lists, many species are hyperlinked to textual information,
images, distribution maps, and sound clips (the last is currently in
progress for endangered birds).

We hope that this information will not only be of use to interested people
in the sciences, but also can be used as a research tool for schools, as
well as the scientific and lay public.

Hawaii Biological Survey is a program of Bishop Museum, in cooperation
with many research, management, and funding agencies.  This is another
product from our documentation of the Hawaiian biota project, supported by
the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, U.S. Geological Survey
(former National Biological Service), U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service,
Center for Plant Conservation, Hawaii Dept. of Lands and Natural
Resources, and others.

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