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Craig A. Downs cadowns at STUDENTS.WISC.EDU
Mon Jul 14 12:53:09 CDT 1997

To Taxacom Discussion List,

        I am a cell physiologist/ molecular evolutionary biologist working
on how plants adapt to high temperatures. Specifically, I am looking at how
particular "heat-shock proteins" interact with aspects of the
photosynthetic machinery from a biochemical, physiological ecology, and
evolutionary perspective. I am soliciting the expertise for a collaborative
project of any systematist or plant geographer that is familiar with a
species and/or a genus whose habitat ranges from cool, perhaps high
elevation, habitats to extremely "warm" habitats - namely from 8 C to 50 C.
Examples could be a species that ranges from high elevations of the Atlas
Mountain range into the Sahara desert. A systematist from the area in which
the species or genus exists and is quite familiar with species would be
ideal - most samples will be taken from the field. If interested in further
discussion, please contact:

                        Craig A. Downs
                        cadowns at

                        Department of Botany
                        University of Wisconsin-Madison

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