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Paul DESSART dessart at D5100.KBINIRSNB.BE
Wed Jul 16 14:46:56 CDT 1997

July 16, 1997.

Dear Taxacomer, specially Coleopterists, Opilionologists,
Paleodictyopterologists and Collembologists...

Deontology requires that if one discovers a homonym, he has to inform
the author, if still alive, and let him the possibility to rename his taxon.
I thought, naively, that deontology required from such authors to
acknowledge the information, even at the second letter...
Such homonymic discoveries happened twice to me and each time, two
letters were never answered and, actually, I don't know whether,
without informing me, the authors made a new name. However, if not,
as a hymenopterist, I have no desire to rename a beetle or a harvestman.
So I offer this opportunity to any specialist of those groups.

_Cea_  A. *Gonzales Sponga* , 1988 (Opiliones): dedicated to the
C.E.A., namely "Centro de Educacion Artista 'Andre's Eloy *Blanco*'"
de Guatire, Venezuela, is preoccupied by:
_Cea_  *Haliday* , 1837 (Hymenoptera)
_Cea_  *d'Orbigny* , 1854 (Bryozoa)
_Cea_  *Grote* , 1883 (Lepidoptera)

_Psix_  *Alonzo-Zarazaga* , 1989 (Coleoptera) is preoccupied by
_Psix_  *Kozlov & Lee* , 1976 (Hymenoptera)

I recently discovered a rather old name:
_Baeoneura_  *Sinichenkova* , 1970 in  *Sharov & Sinichenkova*
(Palaeodictyoptera) is preoccupied by:
_Baeoneura_  *Foerster* , 1856 (Hymenoptera)
I have never tried to contact the author (probably vainly) and I don't
know if the taxon has ever been renamed.

I just inform the specialists of Collembola (ifever they want to cite the
species) that _Willemsia elisabethum_  *Wiener* , 1986, clearly
dedicated to two ladies both called Elisabeth must be emended into
_elisabetharum_ (Code: art. 32(c)(i): the author never acknowledged my

Paul Dessart,
Chef honoraire de la Section Insectes et Arachnomorphes
a l'Institut royal des Sciences naturelles de Belgique.

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