Managing Biodiversity data

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On Jul 16, 14:40, Robert K. Colwell wrote:
k> Subject: Re: Managing Biodiversity data
k> Subject:     Managing Biodiversity data
k> In this thread, Paul Hargraves and Tim Tyler called attention to the
k> document prepared by Richard Podolsky for UNDP, listing biodiversity
k> data management tools, posted (as one enormous page with no links) at:
k> I would like to correct some errors in the listing for my application
k> _Biota_ (oddly listed as "Biota Biota" in the Podolsky document):

I also have some corrections concerning information on FLORIN
Information System published in the document.  There is no information
about platforms FLORIN runs on, but prices mentioned are those for
multiuser Unix version.  BTW, they are not currently valid.
Personal version is much cheaper.
Data import/export is supported, by request.
Training is also available.

For correct and up-to-date information on FLORIN, please, visit our
website (
and/or contact us via email (floriner at  You may also
download free version of the software from FLORIN Web pages.


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