RHS colour system

Wilbert Hetterscheid VKC at PBN.AGRO.NL
Fri Jul 25 05:42:20 CDT 1997

The RHS colour system, mentioned by dr. Kirkbride, is no longer available
from the Netherlands since its recent reprint. This last edition is available

RHS Enterprises
RHS Garden
Wisley, Woking
Surrey GU23 6QB

teleph.: (44)148321113

It is THE international horticultural standard and contains 800+ colours. And
even that number proves to be minimal, so I would advice no botanists to
use a system with even less choices of colours. The RHS system does have it
flaws, following from its UK-based horticultural history. Meaning there is a
bias towards certain colour groups which are very strongly diffferentiated,
whereas others (e.g. green) lack too many. Nonetheless it is the "best for your
buck", the Munsell system being so much more expensive, though obviously
better. The cost of the RHS system is ca. 60 Sterling.

Wilbert Hetterscheid

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