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Vr.R.Bejsak-Colloredo-Mansfeld ricardo at LOGIN.CZ
Sat Jul 26 22:44:30 CDT 1997

I agree with James Matta, but I am worry that color scale of local hardwa=
re store change every year.
One year you have icy yellow smaragd and few years later will be the same=
 color under name  honey tutti frutti.

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> How about collecting a bunch of paint chips from your local Ace
> Hardware store?
> Advantages  -Free; pigment content is explicitly defined; you can bring=
> a specimen and their little computerized rig can match the color.

> Disadvantages - Not widely accepted by the scientific community; you
> will have to put up with names like sandstone, sandalwood, and sunset
> (but these are better than 6A6, IMHO); and they might make you actually
> buy some paint(gg).
> Jim Matta

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