Free herbarium cases

David E. Boufford boufford at OEB.HARVARD.EDU
Tue Jul 15 12:58:58 CDT 1997

Free Herbarium Cases

With assistance from the National Science Foundation, a new compactorized
storage system will be installed in the basement of the Farlow Herbarium,
Harvard University Herbaria (, in the late winter
or early spring of 1998 to allow for expansion of the bryophyte and lichen
collections.  Because of the way the present cases were constructed they
are not suitable for movable storage units and must be replaced.  The old
cases, however, are still perfectly adequate for housing herbarium
specimens and will be available on a first come, first served basis to
anyone who can use them.

The herbarium cases to be replaced were assembled on-site and are attached
to each other by small screws or rivets in various configurations, as

8 sets of 2 cases, joined side by side
2 sets of 3 cases, joined side by side
4 12-unit rows (that is, 6 units joined side by side, and the two 6-unit
rows joined back to back -- these can be kept as 6-unit (or smaller) rows
if desired and do not have to be reassembled back to back).
1 single case

The cases must be disassembled before they can be moved, but need not be
reassembled to be usable.

Please call or send e-mail to reserve herbarium cases, or for additional

David E. Boufford
Harvard University Herbaria
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Cambridge, MA 02138-2020
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