Managing Biodiversity data -Reply (fwd)

Paul Hargraves pharg at GSOSUN1.GSO.URI.EDU
Tue Jul 15 14:06:32 CDT 1997

Thanks to Tim Tyler for the rapid and accurate response to my query.

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Subject: Managing Biodiversity data -Reply

>>> Paul Hargraves <pharg at GSOSUN1.GSO.URI.EDU> 15 July 1997
5:35 am >>>
        The latest issue of SI's "Tropinet", 8(2), lists a website for
'Software Tools for Management and Visualization of Biodiversity', as:
<> but that address informs one that "the
/biod/bio.html was not found on the server".  Searching the undp options
individually also leads nowhere.  Does anyone out there have the correct
URL for these tools?
Paul Hargraves

I tested this and it works.

Tim Tyler

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