Letitia Garcia LEG94001 at UCONNVM.UCONN.EDU
Mon Jul 21 07:56:36 CDT 1997

Hi taxacomers,
  I am trying to get some input in order to identify something, which I believe
is either an egg or a pupa on Phragmites australis.  I find many of these,
sometimes 5 per plant on most Phragmites plants I inspect.  They are yellow-
white, &  approximately 1.5 mm in length, and 0.2 mm in width.  They are
ovalish in shape with pointed tips.

I have tried rearing these out, with no luck (either molding or drying was
often the problem). The plants now have mostly empty cases. I've consulted w/

several people at my University (Univ. of CT) and Jane O'Donnell and
Derek Sikes feel that it is probably an egg.  David Wagner does not feel that
it is a Lepidopteran.

I am really in need of some feedback soon. Any input/ideas anyone may have
would be appreciated.

Thanks,  Letitia Garcia

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