standardized colors

Joseph E. Laferriere joseph at IRIS.CEAMISH.UAEM.MX
Sat Jul 26 09:40:31 CDT 1997

I thank the ten or twelve kind replies to my inquiries on standardized
colors. It was very nice of people to respond to my query, and I very much
appreciate the effort. Unfortunately, there are three problems here: 1) We
write our labels in Spanish, all of my assistants being monolingual in the
language (except one who is bilingual in Spanish and Nahuatl); 2) Most of
the suggestions I have seen are way out of our price range (one being as
high as US$500); and 3) I have not seen any Ace Hardware stores in

Joseph E. Laferriere
Herbario HUMO
Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico

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