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I would like to know why we cannot put the atlas of colors on Internet, =
where on the side will be some scale to adjust monitor.

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> Joe,
>         For Mycological purposes, the Munsell Soil Color chart provides
> a wide range of useful browns in the yellow, red, and yellow-red ranges
> of the Munsell system.  Kornerup and Wanscher is fairly widely availabl=
> but has a rather "coarse granularity" so that one must say things like
> "more yellow than 6A6."  Ridgway is still available from used book deal=
> now and then and costs $400 to $500 at current prices.  There is a good
> paper that translates Ridgway to the Munsell code so that one can provi=
> the color info in a modern system while using Ridgway.  Ridgway provide=
> a valuable historical connection to descriptions of authors working in =
> first half (plus) of this century.
> Rod

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