[Fossil] Tree remains

Sat Jul 26 21:07:04 CDT 1997

Martin Dube wrote:

> Some weeks ago, I found along the coast in Gaspe Peninsula, a big rock
> [with] an embedded [fossil] tree trunk ...

Sounds exciting!

> I am wondering what can be done concerning the determination of the taxa
> and the age of the remains.

Depends on the quality of preservation.  From your description of its
size, I assume most of the fossil is still at the base of the cliff.
You may be in luck:  a few hundred paleobotanists will be in Montreal
for a meeting of the Botanical Society of America during the first
week of August.  Some of them will go on a field trip to see fossils
in the Gaspe.

The field trip leader is:

Dr. Patricia Gensel
405 Coker CB# 3280
Biology Department
Chapel Hill, N.C.
Fax: (919)-962-1625
pgensel.coker at MHS.UNC.EDU

She will be able to put you in touch with someone who can tell you what
you have found.

        Una Smith
        Yale University

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